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The principal and founder, Howard Parks, has been associated with computer user training from the earliest days of word processing, around 1979. Many of the pioneers in the field, IBM, Victor Technologies, AM Jacquard, CPT, Burroughs, Exxon, NCR, Honeywell, Compucorp, and Syntrex, hired Mr. Parks and his staff to create user-training programs for their customers.

In 1982 the Microref line of Quick Reference Guides was created. Microref has introduced many new products over the years to aid users in learning their software. Microref Keyboard Templates, Shortcuts! Booklets, SmartPad Instructional mouse pads, and other training aids have been created. These products have been widely acclaimed and have been sold throughout the United States in stores such as Elek-Tek, MicroCenter, Computerland, Crown Book Stores, Walden Bookstores, B. Dalton Booksellers, Borders Books and Music, Comp USA, Best Buy, Office Depot, and Office Max.

Microref is now dedicated to the promotion, implementation, and utilization of speech recognition technology for business purposes. It currently counts a satisfied and growing client list of physicians, lawyers, educators, and business professionals in various markets.

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