Microref Training Services

For the past 20 years Microref has been a leader in helping people learn computer software. Microref has the knowledge and the experience in creating user-friendly instructional training and materials.

Microref's affordable Training & Support Program is designed to help new Dragon users reach high levels of proficiency in the shortest possible time.
We offer a simple and thorough solution to learning voice activated software quickly and effectively. Our goal is to increase productivity and speed the learning curve. Training is customized to meet the needs of the individual client and is scheduled at your convenience.

The Microref Training & Support Program Includes:

Software Installation & Operations Inspection
Microref installs your new software and checks hardware for any possible conflicts that may arise before we begin the training.

Initial Training Session
• Train user in the basic Dragon command set
• Provide exclusive Microref 13 Lesson Guide and Quick Reference Guide
• Add user's custom vocabulary to increase accuracy
• Design macros for standard forms or frequently used commands
• Train users to use the Microref MedicalNotes Program (if applicable)

Second Training Session
• Help user refine dictation technique and use revision and correction commands effectively
• Teach the use of the Vocabulary Builder for adding new words
• Focus on user's workflow and create templates for letters, forms, etc.

Advanced Training Session
• Answer questions that have surfaced since the initial training
• Train user to create simple and complex macros

The Training & Support Program also includes 120 days of in-person or telephone support for Dragon.

Contact Microref regarding pricing, scheduling, or for a demonstration:
Phone: (847) 579-1456 Email:

"I can't say enough about how Microref's training program helped me to learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking quickly and comfortably!"

Edward Zulkey, Corporate General Counsel, Baker & McKenzie