Custom Speech USA

Key features:

-Transcribe audio from microphone, handheld recorder or other mobile device, or telephone.
-Local real-time speech recognition or server-based, batch mode transcription.
-No enrollment required with add-ons to Dragon and IBM speech recognition--just start dictating.
-Route transcription audio to human transcription or computer based on speech recognition training status of speaker.
-Correction by individual speaker or delegated correction by editor.
-Rapid edit and correction of speech recognition text with "dual engine" mode.
-Automated training of a user's speech files "behind the scenes" and transparent to the user.
-Enterprise and trainable speech recognition systems available for both Dragon and IBM speech engines.
-Integrate dictation, transcription, and speech recognition with non-speech related workflow
-Scalable, flexible, and cost-effective systems for virtually any business or profession.
-Automatic transcription and training of speech recognition files for English and many foreign languages.

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